Far East Military Aviation Monitor: July 2010

July 2010

Japan Digest: A-Bomb Ceremonies, Jet Order Delay, Myanmar Refugees
Japan's new ASM-3 supersonic air-launched anti-ship missile
Lethal US airpower ready to defend ally against North Korea
South Korea's Air Force to Upgrade F-5 Ejection Seats
Rescue helicopter carrying seven people crashes in Japan
Singapore Air Force celebrates Pitch Black milestone
Afterthoughts on the PACRIM Airpower Symposium
China-made planes set to soar onto world market
Sri Lanka Air Force helps to douse raging fire
Indonesia's air force hopes to send more personnel to U.S. for training
Japan Coast Guard Signs Contracts for Six More AW139s
ST Aerospace says it will open fourth Chinese facility
This Is Not The Last Chinese Aircraft We Will Buy
China: Russia's Not Stopping the Flow of JF-17 Engines
Mitsubishi misses out on plane orders at Farnborough
Eurocopter and Kawasaki Heavy Industries sign new cooperation agreement
Two Y-8 dipatched to the Dalian rescue operation
New Fighter, Priced to Sell
Asia-Pacific air force leaders gather for symposium to share knowledge
Sri Lankan Air Force unearth explosives, cache of arms
Japan to send SDF to US-S Korea joint drill
5th AF commander assesses US-Japan bond
China-made planes set to soar onto world market
JASDF's New Cargo Aircraft XC-2(CX) Test Flight 2010-01-26
About the Chinese aircraft J-11
Japan issues request for information for VIP jets
Can the Chinese Air Force dominate in Asia-Pacific Region?
Air Force in S. Korea holds air war exercise
Singapore's prime minister visits MHAFB
Asia News - Singapore, France, India air forces hold joint drill
Q-5s May serve longer in PLAAF
Russia freezes sale of fighter jet engines to China
China Defense Blog: J-10AH?
The Latest Video of PLA J-15 carrier-based fighter aircraft
Russian combat aircraft makers fear competition with China
Chinese air force commander leaves for Germany, Britain
Chinese air force among the most capable, analyst says
Is China's Air Force unmatchable?
Japanese Air Force One lands in Toronto
KAI and Lockheed need to rethink their T-50 strategy
J-10B ready for PLAAF?
China Air Force Steps it Up
Singapore pilots soar in France

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