Far East Military Aviation Monitor: April 2011

April 2011

ASDF, MSDF relief elements looking to stand down
Airspace border tensions soar
Airshow takes off
The Passing of a Generation
PLAAF Offensive Combat readiness against India.
Three Contenders Remain For Japan FX
Japan Misses Early Opportunity to Deploy UAVs
China's Jump Jet Mystery
China, Ukraine pledge to boost cooperation
Seoul: No barter deal for T-50 jet trainer
Mystery jet 'flies' again
China Uses Bloggers Again To Announce J-20 Stealth Progress - Analysis
New shipborne navy jet fighter makes waves among analysts
ROKAF receives first sniper pods from Lockheed Martin
Indonesia to invest $10 mil. in KF-X
Three Fighters Competing for Japanese FX
Taiwan air force can land on highway
China's Military now to 2020
Taiwan jets practise landing on roads in rare drill
Fighter jets carry out drill on freeway
Army aviators get new mission following Japan quake, tsunami
Japan narrows choices for new fighter to three
Taiwan Seeks to Move U.S. on Arms Sales
Taiwan jets practise landing on motorway
RSAF team to battle piracy in the Gulf of Aden
Indonesia plans to buy S. Korea's T-50 Golden Eagle fighters
ROKAF to receive Boeing F-15K fighter aircraft
South Korea receives two F-15K Slam Eagles
Chinese air force bomber blitzes river ice
China's air force steps up modernization drive: white paper
US delaying F-16 upgrade, report says
Taiwan Frustrated Over Stalled F-16 Effort
Taiwan Expects US to Help With F-16 Upgrades

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