Far East Military Aviation Monitor: August 2011

August 2011
RAAF exercises with JASDF fighters for the first time
JASDF F-15 arrives at RF-A
Indonesia strengthens links with South Korea
Taiwan lowers its military sights
Comments On: China's Su-27s In Taiwan
PLAAF Su-27 Chased U-2 Into Taiwan Airspace
China confirms naval pilot training underway
Korea gets first early warning aircraft
Americans favored in fight to replace Korea's F-4s
Korea's first surveillance plane tracks 1000 targets
First Aerial Surveillance Aircraft 'Peace Eye' Arrives in S. Korea
S. Korea, Indonesia to begin research on fighter jet
Two RMAF Jet Engines Taken Out Of Malaysia
Officer tells how jet engines went missing
Americans favored in fight to replace Korea's F-4s
Bangladesh Air Force Mi-8 copter in Ivory
China Officially Offers J-10 Fighters to Pakistan
China Offers J-10 Fighters to Pakistan
US to continue China spy flights despite Su-27 incident
China Is Filling Gaps In Its Military With Lots And Lots Of Missiles
MND urges US to greenlight Taiwan F-16C/D sale
Bolstering Japan's Defenses with F-35s
COIN aircraft for the PLAAF?
Chengdu flies Chinese-powered J-10 Fighter
J-10A vs. J-10B recognition tips
China Seeks UAV Capability
South Korea receives first 737 AEW&C Peace Eye aircraft
First 737 AWACS Arrives in South Korea
Florida governor lobbies Obama to sell F-16 C/Ds to Taiwan
AIDC to make Taiwanese high-end trainer aircraft
Eurocopter and PT Dirgantara Indonesia Team Up
China to start landing drills on carrier
Sea Trials Begin for Chinese Aircraft Carrier
Asian F-16s Could Get AESA Radars
South Korea Thinks F-35 Can Meet Schedule
Taiwan's False Drone Hope?
Taiwan urges US to approve F16s sale to avoid conflict
PLAN Gets Serious About Airborne Early Warning
Israel turning into main arms supplier to South Korea
The Strange Journey Of The JF-17
New Chinese stealth jet fuels talk of Russian help
Taiwan's AIDC balances defence and commercial work
Watch Out for China's Air Force
China's J-20 to be effective capability by 2018
Boeing (NYSE:BA) Delivers South Korea F15s
Boeing Delivers 3 More F-15K Slam Eagles to the Republic of Korea
Super Tucano for Indonesia Air Force arrived next year

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