Far East Military Aviation Monitor: July 2011

July 2011

Hillary on F-16s for Taiwan: We'll Tell You in October
Philippines to acquire Sokól choppers for air defense
South Korea Shortlists PAK-FA Fighter
Chinese J-19 Snow Owl
Japanese F-15s arrive at Red Flag-Alaska
Japanese AF Calls For Speedy C-2 Deliveries
Australia joins with Japan for first bilateral air combat training
Burns's State nomination held up over Texas-Taiwan F-16 sales
Taiwan and F-16s Again
Taiwan says defense sales in US security interests
Why to Sell F-16s to Taiwan
Gripen operational with the Royal Thai Air Force
Liquidator seizes Royal Thai Air Force plane in Munich
Thai Air Force inducts Gripen fighters
Indonesia to Buy 50 Korean Fighter Jets
Indonesia teams up with S. Korea to develop fighter jet
Korea's Surion helicopter to receive missile protection from Cassidian
S Korean firm raises questions over bidding for basic trainers
China discloses J-10 fighter jet base to S. Korean defense chief
Helicopter crash kills three: Burmese official
Why to Sell F-16s to Taiwan
Indonesia confirms participation in South Korea KF-X programme
Universal-Equipped CN-235-110s Delivered
Joined-Wing UAV Revealed in China
China will give drones to Pakistan
Obama's Taiwanese AF F-16 Debacle
Taiwan lawmakers in US to push for F-16 C/D sales
F-16s: Don't ask, don't sell
Improved IDF Pointed At China
Gripen Operational in the Royal Thai Air Force
Thai Gripens declared operational
RoKAF to start aerial refueling training with USAF
RoKAF T-103 crashed due to fuel system failure
Air Force Fighter Jets to Practice Mid-Air Refueling
Indonesia-South Korea Fighter Jet Deal Readies for Take-Off Amid Expert Doubts
Poor Maintenance Blamed for Air Force Trainer Crash
Helicopter crash kills three: Myanmar official
Rosoboronexport makes a debut in Brunei
S76 crash Myanmar
CAE wins Army, Navy, and Air Force simulation contracts
Singapore's Fighter Jets Merely Fly Over Batu Putih For Training
KL insists airspace intrusions took place
Air Force fighter jets arrive in Alaska for Exercise Red Flag
Robins team standing by to assist with Japanese F-15 crash
Why Japan's F-15 Missing?
China admits J-15 development. Has already produced three
Dirgantara Joins Forces with Airbus Military
Chinese Fighters Fly Again Over Disputed Diaoyu Islands
Japan grounds F-15J fleet after crash
Japan Temporarily Grounds F-15 Fleet
Air force receives first upgraded fighters
Pressure builds for F-16 sale to Taiwan
MND denies claims new F-16 bid failed
Taiwan will not request F-16 C/D quote without US consensus
Innovative New Chinese UAV Emerges
China's Global Hawk counterpart breaks cover
Air force to get new aircraft next year
Taiwan unveils upgraded fighter jet
Indonesian Air force to get new aircraft
Air Force considers extension of pilots' contracts to 10 years
Spratlys arms race heats up; AFP to buy six fighter jets
Another MiG-29 Grounding
Fighter plane scares fishermen in Spratlys
Japanese F-15 missing off Okinawa
Taiwan to upgrade 71 Ching Kuo fighters
The other eyes in the sky
The Chengdu J-20: Peace in Our Time?
Chinese "Global Hawk" in PLAAF color
Eurocopter, PT. Dirgantara Indonesia renew agreement

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