Far East Military Aviation Monitor: April 2010

April 2010
Cancelled Russian LFI Project Now JF-17 Fighter
Nigeria 15 China Made F 7 And Pl 9 Missiles The Official Service
Vietnamese Air Force Sukhoi 30mk
China Sets Military Sights On Enhanced Air, Sea Power
Political conflict close to be resolved: Thai Air Force Commander
US, ROK Signs Combined Defense Plan
Boeing F-15K41 fighter successfully completes first flight
Boeing test flies first F-15K strike fighter of S Korea
PICTURES: First flight of ROKAF F-15Ks with P&W engines
Boeing modifies C-130H for Japan
Zhang ShiHua 张世华: F-15SG fighter jet
Malaysia aims to upgrade air force with new fighters, AEW aircraft
Indonesia, United States To Conduct 'Cope West 10' Exercise
JASDF gets modified C-130H tanker aircraft
Boeing Team Delivers C-130H Aerial Refueling Tanker to Japan
ROKAF new Presidential Plane
ASDF scrambles hit 299 in FY '09
Kawasaki C-2 as A-400 Alternatives?
Inauguration of 1st singapore F-15SG squadron
JASDF F-2 Deployment
ST Aerospace clinches maintenance contract
'Air Force has recovered its 'broken wings'
Chinese Aspiration for Aircraft Carrier
South Korea to integrate Textron Defense Systems' sensor-fuzed weapon
South Korea to Incorporate Sensor Fuzed Weapon with FA-50 Aircraft
Textron to deliver weapons tech for FA-50s
Taiwan Air Force blasted for not reacting to Russian warplane
Five F-15SG fighters join Singapore Air Force
Singapore's F-15SG Squadron Based At Paya Lebar
First F-15SGs arrive in Singapore
F-15GS, Multi-Role Fighter Aircraft of RSAF Inaugurated
The J-10A: Future Standard for the PLAAF?
Air force prepares 6 planes for emergency response in Aceh
Aircraft maker pushing exports of spy drones
China's Air Force Enters the 21st Century
ROC Air Force donates F-5 jet fighter to museum
Malaysian Air Force pilot killed during an air show
Japan's main fighter plane in the next generation of global tender
PLAAF looses J-10

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