Far East Military Aviation Monitor: September 2009


September 2009

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100 More RD-93 Engines
China provides F-8T fighter for foreign users
Singapore plans to continue F-16 training in US
Singapore Seeks $325M in F-16 Pilot Training and Support
2 Malaysia air force pilots killed in runway crash
China aviation manufacturing has long way to go
Vietnam inaugurates first aircraft component production plant
MHI opens aircraft component plant in Vietnam
Raytheon to Supply AGM-65 Maverick Missiles to Korea, Taiwan
Finally, 'Gripen agreement between Sweden and Thailand signed
Taming the dragon
Rolls-Royce Mission to Care for Malaysia's Air Force
ESC completes Taiwan Air Traffic Control radar work
Japan shoots down mock missile
J-10 vs LCA Development Similar timeframe
Thai Air Commander To Visit After Violations
Thailand Delays Purchase Of Additional Six Gripen's
RMAF Langkawi Crash: Pilots buried
Two pilots killed in RMAF aircraft crash
2 Malaysia air force pilots killed in runway crash Taiwan News Online
China starts developing new rockets for space mission
Garuda Enlists Indonesia's Air Force
China Air and Naval Power: Recent Chinese civilian aviation news
Stratech signs RoKAF TOSS deal
China aims to be top aircraft maker
Assembly of Chinese jet model begins
Japan Seeks A New Class Of Larger Carriers
China Puts Up a Fighter
New flight suits for female PLAAF pilots - Asian Skies

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