Far East Military Aviation Monitor: March 2011

March 2011

Bombardier joins with Chinese aviation firm
IAI, Elbit to collaborate on jet trainer
Taiwan missile test flops again
PLAAF should learn from Libyan War
S. Korea, Indonesia Air Force chiefs discuss deepening cooperation
S Korea gets two more F-15K fighters from US
Pakistan Air Force Exercises with China Air Force
Sri Lanka Air Force not to purchase new Kfirs to replace crashed aircraft
China Takes The High Ground

First Flight for Thai Gripen Jets
US calculations on the F-16s sale to Taiwan
Tsunami Damages Squadron Of Mitsubishi F-2s
Japan JASDF Matsushima Air Base tsunami/earthquake damage
Tsunami hits Japan's Matsushima Airbase
Crisis May Scuttle Japan Fighter
Japanese air force base hit by tsunami
Indonesian air force bolsters airlift capability with 737s
China-US Aviation Deal Faces Scrutiny
ROKAF to Receive First AEW&C Aircraft
S. Korea to receive airborne early warning aircraft in July
Air Force Celebrates 60 years in SRI LANKA
Lanka sets up panel to probe mid-air crash of fighter jets
Two RSAF C-130 military aircraft return from Christchurch
China's Fighters Won't Match US
PLAAF Su-30MKK Spotted in Russia
S. Korea to get first early warning plane
The J-20 Clarified
SAF sends aircraft to aid quake-hit Christchurch
Korea accelerates stealth fighter acquisition efforts
S.Korea to get first high-altitude spy plane

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