Far East Military Aviation Monitor: August 2010

August 2010

China Launches Tian Hui-1 Mapping Satellite
Dirgantara eyes big share of MRO market
US to supply Taiwan air force radar equipment
China warns US against selling Taiwan radars
Evaluating China's Military Strength
US donates equipment to Sri Lanka Air Force
Japan Should Ease Weapons Export Ban, Defense Official Nagashima Says
Question about MiG-29s in North Korea
U.S. Releases Radar Upgrades for Taiwan Fighters
PLAAF 15th Airborne Corps Attack Helicopters
ChangKong-1 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle & Target Drone
A Super Hornet for Japan?
China Finishes Construction of Space Station Module
SAAB Unveils Thai Air Defence Solutions
Chinese Naval Aviators Proliferate
China holds first large-scale paratrooper airdrop drill over Tibet
Crashed Plane Confirmed From North Korean Air Force
Su-30 to open the Chinese Air Force "total defense" of the times
Pilot Killed in China Crash Believed to Be Korean Defector
F-15 new JASDF skin
China and Pakistan Push Chengdu JF-17 Fighter for Export
Xiaolong fighters and police 200 AWACS air debut Airshow
China's Eyes in the Skies
Chinese Air Force tests missile movements by train to Tibet?
Chinese Air Force in Night Drill Over West Sea
Sri Lanka Air Force delivers aid to Pakistan flood victims
Japan could better exploit its defense technology
JASDF to get upgrade F-15Js or new F-2s
ARINC Supports Indonesia C-130H
China and Pakistan Push Chengdu JF-17 Fighter for Export
China air force drills under way
J-11s Briefly Appear Over Tibet
South Korean Air Force to Upgrade Faulty F-5 Ejection Seats
South Korea's Air Force to upgrade F-5 ejection seats
Japan Eyes Further Mitsubishi F-2 Procurement
China enters global fighter aircraft market through Pakistan's JF-17
About the Chinese aircraft J-11
Report says RoKAF F-5F pilots ejected too low, parachutes failed

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