Far East Military Aviation Monitor: December 2009


December 2009

Safran, GE to provide engines for Chinese jet
Franco-US engine to power new China aircraft
Indonesia Orders Up More Maritime Patrol Aircraft
Malaysia fighter jet engine stolen
Latest News and Information on Chengdu J 10
Myanmar opts for Russian MiG-29s over Chinese fighters
South Korea's 2nd female F-16 pilot
Junta Buys 230 Military Aircraft in 21 Years
China's Air Force defensive in nature
Regional air force leaders meet in Singapore
Talents of the Royal Malaysian Air Force
Rescue crews train Japan Air Self Defense Force pilots
PM: No cover up over missing jet engine
Missing Jet Engine Shows Weak Defence System, Says Abdul Hadi Awang
The PLA Air Force Over the Horizon Radar Brigade
The PLAAF demonstrates 2 different types of AESA AEW&C aircraft
Singapore Airshow 2010
New Pictures of J-10B fighter jet
Lost on Jeju: F-15's Over Jungmun
Vietnamese air force pilot dead
Cubic Receives $7 Million in New Orders for Japanese Air Self-Defense Force
Missing RMAF jet engine discovered sold
Singapore Gets New Chief Of Air Force
PAF Eyeing J-10 Fighter Jets From China
Eighteen Z-8F 13-Ton class Helicopters ordered
Singapore to upgrade locator beacons
China Close To Testing Next-Gen Fighter J-XX
Indonesia Orders Up More Maritime Patrol Aircraft
China's CJ-20 Air Launched Cruise Missile to be operational with H-6 bomber
Taiwan Fears Air Power Reduction, Vulnerability to China
Brigadier-General Ng Chee Meng appointed as new SAF chief
Substitution of Indonesia Air Force Jets Postponed
China makes new carbon aircraft brake disk
2 SDF helicopters sabotaged while undergoing repairs
Thailand Air Force On the Ready
Japan Seeks An F22 Substitute
ASDF suspends F-15 flights after landing trouble at Komatsu Air Base
First EC-135 trainer delivered to Japan
Malaysia eyes airborne early warning fleet
Indonesian navy to order three CN-235 MPA
Pakistan rolls out jet fighter produced with Chinese assistance
ROKAF T-50 & KT-1
Eurocopter Japan Delivers the First EC135 T2i
Singapore aircraft not a worry
RSAF Apache Helicopter Set To Create Sensation

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