Far East Military Aviation Monitor: January 2011

January 2011

Showcasing of Chinese goods for sale
China set to bid on major US aerospace programmes
Chinese stealth: Chinagate II?
Chinese Experts Say Stealth Plane Doesn\'t Steal US Tech
Chinese Innovation?
How China's Stealth Aircraft Rose From Ashes of Balkan War
Chinese Stealth Fighter contd. Meet the Jian-20 (J-20)
J-20 Chengdu :: Defense Industry News Search
China refutes the J-20 uses F-117 copies
SAC developing VTOL stealth fighter, called "Snowy Owl"
S Korea rolls out armed version of T-50 trainer jet
China: Air force training exercise or Top Gun?
China's 'Air Force Drills' - AP Check
China steals Top Gun clip
Chinese Air Force issues pilot licenses for first time
US rulers, allies turn attention back to China
Sri Lanka to export weapons & military products
Elisra wins South Korean avionics deal
J-20 Stealth Fighter: China's First Strike Weapon
Chinese jet fighter highlights need for intelligence, dialogue
New Chinese 'stealth' fighter has made its first flight
Air Force Chief Vows to Test Fly Gripen Jets
Thai Air Force chief vows to test fly new Swedish Gripen jets
China's new stealth fighter may use US technology
Bring Back the F-22!
Stealth fighter sneaks up on Taiwan
J-20 And The Russian Connection
China Defense Blog: More "bad guys"
China Air and Naval Power: J-20 had its first flight, what now?
Japan, US reach accord on 5th-generation stealth fighter jets
Singapore Air Force welcomes Seahawks into service
Singapore Stands Up S-70B Naval Helicopter Squadron
Taiwan's public missile test backfires
Chinese J-20 Logs First Flight
China confirms maiden flight of fifth-generation fighter
China's New J-20 Stealth Fighter Quietly Makes First Flight
Chinese stealth fighter takes to the air
Stealthy signal to gates
Elbit unit Elisra wins Korea electronic warfare deal
Elbit Systems' Unit Wins Contract To Supply Airborne EW Suites And MWS
Exercise Iron Fist brings US and Japanese forces together
New US arms deal with Taiwan underway
China confirms stealth fighter test flight (VIDEO)
China Reveals New Combat Aircraft Design
What China's Stealth Fighter Means
Royal Thai Air Force orders Aerostar UAVs
Chinese Air Force Could Overwhelm Opponents
Northrop Grumman Supports Taiwan E-2C Aircraft
Experts doubt 'stealth' capability of Chinese fighters
The Evolution of PRC Air Power
Rumored stealth jet undergoes tests: report
Opinion: China's J20 fighter, or how rumors become facts
What New Stealth Fighter Says About China's Rise

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