Far East Military Aviation Monitor: November 2010

November 2010

Are China's New Drones Cause For Concern?
China puts satellite in orbit
China Developing Armed/Recon UAVs
RSAF pilots training in Perth proves cost-effective due to outsourcing
8 export customers for JF-17 Thunders
Bangladesh outlines military equipment procurement plans
Japan to increase fighter planes in Okinawa to beef up security
Saab receives Gripen order for Thailand
Sale Of Russian Fighters To China Undermines Gates Decision On F-22
Breaking: N.Korea fires on S.Korea, air force on stand by
Indonesia considers more Embraer Tucanos
China's new drones raises eyebrows
PLAAF's 6th Gen Fighter?
Kadena F-15s complete Aviation Training Relocation with JASDF
Chinese military drones pose Western challenge
China in talks with several potential JF-17 customers
Decision on new fighter jets up in the air:Japan
Japan looking for F-35
China's Armed Predator
China Readies First Flight Of New L-7 Trainer
Chengdu J-10 Next Variant Developing
Indonesia considers more Embraer Tucanos
Chinese-made plane steals the (air) show
Commission: China Bolsters Fighters, Missiles, 'Supports' Cyberattacks
Airshow Showcase Strength of Chinese Air Force
Singapore gets upgraded C-130
Singapore's C-130 upgrade makes progress
Chinese Air Force's 6th Gen Fighter?
Pakistan to arm fighters with Chinese BVR missiles
The Chinese Dragon
L15-6 and J-10 arrived at the Zhuhai Airshow 2010
Chinese Air Force joint exercise with NATO
ST Aerospace secures S$370m worth of contracts in Q3
Japan eyes procuring F-35 fighters; gives up on more F-2 jets
Can F-35 assure Japan of its air advantage over China?
South Korea says spy plane crashes during routine training
SKorea says 2 pilots presumed dead in plane crash
Poor inspection blamed for damages to F-15K
J-10 fighter jet to cut a dash at air show
Chinese Airforce admits to UFO chase in 1998
Taiwan develops anti-airfield weapon
South Korea`s F-X Fighter Program
Indigenous AWACS to be flight-tested by 2011
Indonesia said its Su-30 pilots trained in China, a significant effect
The 'Anatolian Eagle' looks to China

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