Far East Military Aviation Monitor: October 2010

October 2010

“Fierce Dragon” fighter and MiG-29 compete for orders of Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka embarks on fighter aircraft procurement
China and the Russian MiG-29, JF17 Sri Lankan fighter competing
F-16 upgrade doesn't fly with Taiwan
Four generations of the Chinese Air Force
Taiwan F-16 fighter parts can not be replaced
Turkey and China, Conduct Joint Air Exercises With Iran's Support
Turkey invited China to join NATO air exercise
An interview with a PLAAF L. Gen on the new world order
Japanese Air Force sinks unidentified sub during exercise
Chinese aerospace delegation to visit Indonesia
PLAAF J-10s to perform at Airshow China 2010
PAF to participate in aviation, aerospace exhibition in Beijing
Turkey, China In Exercises
China Practices Intercepting U.S. Stealth Fighters
Why China's Air Force in Turkey?
Chinese Air Force Planes Refuel In Pakistan, Iran On Way To Turkey
Joint air force training exercise set for this week
Korea and US Begin Joint Air Force Drill Friday
Taiwan officer visits U.S. to push F-16C/D sale
Thailand - F-16 Mid-Life Upgrade
China's 5th generation Stealth Fighter Program
AIDC Wins NT$5 B. Order for MRJ Planes From Japan`s Mitsubishi
Taiwan; Air Force wants Global Hawk in parallel to local R&D efforts
SDF has 14011 cluster bombs
The Anatolian Eagle Is Looking Eastward
China's real fourth-generation fighter, the F-14
Trainer aircraft maker looks to take off in China
What's PLAAF Doing in Turkey?
China's Air Force Goes Abroad
Chinese Air Force in friendly Turkish skies
Chinese Air Force, a strategic air force?
US likely to upgrade Taiwan fighter jets
Top Taiwan officer visits US over jet deal
F-16 Pilot Training for Singapore
Singapore orders 12 M-346 trainer aircrafts worth EUR 250 million
What are China's military intentions in Central Asia?
Turkish F-16s Stage Joint Maneuvers with Chinese Su-27s
New JASDF anniversary markings
Thailand to upgrade 18 F-16s worth $700 million
Chinese Air Force test range strike force, J10 performance Su-27 lost
Sri Lanka Air force – Upgraded Command
S. Korea, Russia Seek Air Force Hotline
Military helicopter crash-lands in Singapore
Finmeccanica Gets EUR250M Singapore Contract For 12 Aircraft
Singapore set for Alenia Aermacchi's M-346
Singapore's Apache Attack Helicopter Makes Crash Landing
RSAF pilots 'did right'
Singapore blames 'mechanical problem' for Apache incident
Learjet, PLAAF ELINT variant.
Fresh batch of new Y-8C spotted
Indonesia receives last 3 Sukhoi fighters, plans to buy six more

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