Far East Military Aviation Monitor: September 2010

September 2010

Japan's GPS satellite
Japan To Decide This Year On Global Hawk Order
China to be biggest exhibitor at Africa Aerospace and Defence 2010
China Tests Strategic Air Power Capability: Implications For India
China will restart the 24 Il-78 tanker procurement
Air Force 'Sevens' team for Malaysia
Misawa air show highlights 50 years of Japan-US cooperation
Japanese Air Force Also Has Encounters with UFOs
Fighter jet F-7 ,crashes in Karnaphuli
Chinese Air Force's new F-10 test new anti-stealth radar
China builds its own high-tech military
$300-million upgrade for S'pore Air Traffic Control Centre
China needs a new maritime patrol aircraft
Chinese air force trains for precision strikes
Singapore receives modernized C-130
Malaysian Falcon 900 veered off the runway
Three Russian Su-27 SKM passes flight test at Indonesian base
SU fighters pass flight tests at Indonesia base
Indonesia's Air Force Adds More Flankers
South Korea gets F-15K fighters
Pilot killed in plane crash in Indonesia's Bogor
Indonesia Confirms Plans To Buy Six More Su Fighters From Russia
JASDF F-2 Deployment
Japan Launches GPS Satellite
Republic of Korea Air Force Black Eagles
Air Force officer sets fire to F-16 base
PLAAF gethers for Peace Mission 2010
Indonesia to buy 6 SU-30MK
New Opportunities Mature for Alenia Aermacchi M-346 Advanced Trainer
Flying Tigers revisit China after decades
South Korea to Delay KFX Acquisition
China makes modifications to Russian Salyut AL-31F jet engine
JH-7 Flying Leopard - An offensive weapon for strategic defense
The intense world of the Blue Impulse pilot
US unveils plan to operate vertical-landing aircraft in Japan
Saab Unveils Air Defence Solutions for Thailand
US to supply Taiwan air force radar equipment
Singapore Deploys Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Task Group

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