Far East Military Aviation Monitor: October 2009

Far East Military Aviation Monitor

October 2009

Aerospace & Defense in Japan - research report released
China's Unmanned Aircraft (UAV) Development
Half-Marathon Celebrates ROKAF-USAF Friendship
Taiwan Report Says China Continues Buildup
Chinese KJ-2000 AWACS
Mihin gets two new aircraft
S. Korea's Defense Industry Shows Progress at Show
Korea Aerospace Conference Sets ADEX in Motion
Taiwan Air Force Plans Upgrade Of Fighter Jets
Surge in firms withdrawing from Japanese military aerospace business
Trainer projects for PLA
PLA' first joint combat night exercise
Murtha Meets With Japan Air Force On F22 Foreign Sales
US, Japanese Forces Share Skills

S. Korea striving to nurture aerospace industry
Chinese aviation industry sees new wave of restructuring
Shenyang looks to market F-8
Chinese Carrier AWACS
City based Air Force Squadron awarded with Unit Citation
Korean Army, Air Force aim at Defense Apps
Japan celebrates Self-Defence Forces Day
Contract negotiations indicate Japanese move towards JSF
Japan sends replacement of surveillance aircraft on antipiracy mission
Does the PLAAF need a new bomber
Kadena maintainers train on JASDF equipment during exercise
China plans to market FC-1/JF-17 and J-10 fighters aggressively
J-10B for Pakistan
China to order 100 more Russian-made RD93 engine for JF-17
China's AVIC steps up sales push for FC-1, J-10 fighters
Chinese air force on military parade
Chinese Air Force eyes combination of offensive defensive strategy
Japanese military plane crash
MSDF plane overshoots runway, crashes into paddy field
S'pore team in Indonesia to help quake victims
Singapore seeks F-16 training

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