Far East Military Aviation Monitor: September 2011

September 2011

South Korea receives first E-737
China air force to unveil new aerobatics teams
Evolution of PLAAF doctrine/training
PAF to acquire air defense radars
Japan Proceeding with FX Competition, Official Says
Indonesia and South Korea sign defense cooperation agreement
Spokesman: Philippine air force in bad shape
RAAF Hornets exercise with TNI-AU F-16s
China paper tells US not to play with fire over Taiwan
Lockheed CEO eyes new F-16s for Taiwan
COIN aircraft for the PLAAF?
Air Force to conduct 1st aerial refueling drill with US
Funding hinders Air Force modernization
Aging PAF planes claimed lives of 305 pilots
RoKAF to hold aerial refueling exercise
Indonesian win launches Grob's G120TP
Obama turns down Taiwan on new F-16s
Japan gets offers for new fighter jets
South Korean air force receives first E-737
Korean Air Wins Fresh Order to Overhaul US Fighter Jets
Air Force unveils 18 new trainer planes
New trainer jets, choppers for PAF
ROKAF receives first Peace Eye AEW&C aircraft
Peace Eye delivered to ROKAF
BAE, Northrop Grumman, Partner To Compete For Air Force TX Program
Pentagon Details Taiwan Air Force F-16 Modernization Plan
Three rescue helicopters to be delivered at year's end
US to aid Taiwan with $5.85B in fighter jet upgrades
US selling JDAM guided bombs to Taiwan
US arms sale offer in Taiwan's security interests: MND
AV/STOVL Fighter for Taiwan?
Taiwan Official Suggests F-35 As Future Alternative
Twelve Tsunami-Damaged JASDF Fighters To Be Written Off
JASDF KC-767 can now refuel U.S aircraft during exercises

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