Far East Military Aviation Monitor: May 2010

May 2010

China urged to renounce use of force against Taiwan
Japan to Develop Fighter-launched UAV
Fuji continues to develop fighter-launched UAV
China space plane- successful flight test?
Latest News and Information on Chengdu J 10
Latest News and Information on Shenyang J 8
China agreed to provide 4 trainer aircraft to Pakistan
War News Updates: China Air Force Won't Rule The Skies Any Time Soon
China ahead of schedule on fifth-generation answer
The Air Force has 1001 new lieutenants
Manufacturers eye Japan's YS-11 replacement need
Airmen train Japanese pilots for air-to-air refueling
Hatoyama, Obama to talk on Futenma Air Base
Indonesia Air Force In Spotlight After Plane Crash
U.S. Congress Pushes F-16 Release For Taiwan
Despite China, U.S. Says Taiwan Air Force Needs Help
Japan JASDF Kawasaki C-2 (XC-2) First Flight
Chinese Navy Obtains Illegal Aircraft
Chinese Military Won't Accept 'Made In China' Fighters
Latest News and Information on Chengdu J 7
China military refuses to accept new domestically made fighters
Rand: The Development of China's Air Force Capabilities
RAND | Testimonies | The Development of China's Air Force Capabilities
New Chinese fighter jet expected by 2018: U.S. intelligence
Chinese Stealth Fighter: In Focus
China converts 737s into military surveillance aircraft first
Sri Lanka air force offers flights after floods block road
Taiwan air force jets in near collision
US Congress Pushes F-16 Release For Taiwan
Taiwan Sends Mixed Message on Fighters
Australia-Malaysia's joint exercise of air forces
Airmen prep JASDF F-15 pilots for air-to-air refueling
Latest News and Information on Chengdu J 10
Air Force Receives 50th T-50 Trainer Jet
Korea is Now Equipped with 50 T-50 Aircraft
Chinese naval J-11s spotted in the open
Chinese J-11s seen in the open
Weird Photos - F-16 in China?
New Chinese J-11 fighters are being produced for PLANAF
Korean Air Force chief meets U.S. Pacific Air Force chief
Taiwan may have fewer than 80 operational fighters in 2025: report
PLAAF Chengdu J-10 crash, pilot killed
JASDF F-2's rear landing gear suddenly retracts while going
S'pore Air Force chief receives RBAF Honorary Pilot Wing
New astronauts recruited for China's space program
Pakistan to get Chinese AEW&C aircraft this year
China eager for Russian air technology
Chinese J 15 Carrier Aircraft Wings Fold Available To Solve Problems
Usaf chaplains Asist Rokaf counterparts
F-2 Fighters in Guam
Fighting Samurai departs to ROK
Taiwan's largest underground air base revealed
Taiwan mulling action against France over Mirage deal
Malaysia Air Force officers sue government over missing jet engine
Possible sale EMB.314 Super Tucano to Philipinnes
China's Front Line Fighters
China air force woos allies with J-10 fighter jet
China Takes J-10 Fighter On Tour
Chinese Air Force shows off J10 indigenous fighter jet
Indonesian, Singaporean Air Forces to Expand Cooperation

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