Far East Military Aviation Monitor: November 2009

Far East Military Aviation Monitor

November 2009

China plans newest fighters export to Azerbaijan
Vietnamese Air Force crash kills two pilots
DIA on China's new fighter
Pratt & Whitney Delivers First F100-229 Engine Enhancement Package
Taiwan shelves 9 Mirage jets due to lack of spare parts
Singapore Air Force Makes Mountain Home, Home
China Humbly Launches Serial Production of Stolen Russian Fighter
2 Malaysia air force pilots killed in runway crash
China's Fifth-Generation Fighters and the Changing Strategic Balance
China to export JF-17
Japan–a step closer at looking at the F-35
U.S. F-22s versus Chinese F-35s
China celebrates 60th anniversary of air force
China Close To Testing Next-Gen Fighter
China's fourth-generation fighter aircraft JF-14 will soon test
Vietnamese Air Force crash kills two pilots
Enhance capability, China Air Force told as it marked 60 years
China's air force guards the friendly skies
Future of China's Air Force lies in high-tech
L-15 makes desert debut
Pakistan signs deal for Chinese J-10 fighters
The new Chinese stealth fighter will be ready within 10 years
China expects fifth generation fighter in 10 years
Murtha Meets With Japanese Air Force On F22 Foreign Sales
Taiwan shelves 9 Mirage jets due to lack of spare parts
Public proudest of PLA's 'Fierce Dragon' jet
Meet KAI's UAV line-up
N. Korean Air Force delegation in Beijing
First JF-17 fighter plane produced in Kamra to roll out this month
Boeing Team Delivers 1st Remote Aerial Refueling Operator Trainer to JASDF
Image of the Week: Chinese UAV
AESA for SK 16's
China's PLA eyes future in space, air: air force commander
Air force 'no threat to others'
Obama will have to deal soon with arms sales to Taiwan
MHAFB on short list for F-35s Air Force will announce tomorrow
Wings On High 35 Years of the Republic of Singapore Air Force

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