Far East Military Aviation Monitor: October 2011

October 2011

Indonesia Rescuers Fight Bad Weather in Search for Crashed Plane
PLAAF production technology level
Taiwan's Aircraft Carrier Killer
'Second-Hand' Boost for Indonesia's Air Defense
PKL Services wins $8 million Air Force contract
S. Korean Air Force under probe for lost files on wartime operational plan
PAF denies helicopter in Sulu shot down by Sayyaf
Funeral honors given to ill-fated UH-1H pilot, crew
T-50 Program In Full Swing
Rescuers find 18 bodies in Indonesia plane crash
HQ-4 Xianglong UAV Ready for Flight
Taiwan air defense solid, general says
Fighter upgrade process will not weaken Taiwan's air defense: MND
U.S. Declines Taiwan's Request To Buy New F-16s
Pentagon report backs US refusal to sell F-16 jets
Ma renews call for F-16C/D fighter sale
Fighters duel for Japan air defense contract
Lockheed to offer F-35 work to Japan firms to win bid
Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT) Makes F-35 Offer
PLA Air Force denies news of advanced fighter crash
The J-7 and older PLAAF aircraft
Attachments fall off Japanese jet
South Korea threatens to cancel all defense deals with Israel
Korea woos IAF with aircraft deal
Indonesia's TNI turns 66, but has the military matured?
Saab Wins Thai Air Force ACCS Order
PLA air force denies rumors of experimental jet crash
National Geographic to air first film on Taiwan's Air Force exercise
Retired USAF officials back F-16 sales
Taiwan shows off arsenal at National Day military parade
Warplanes highlight Taipei show
US Correct in Selling F-16 Upgrades, Not New Jets, to Taiwan
Air force plans a major overhaul
Japan's aging air force plans major overhaul
Getting Serious About Taiwan's Air Power Needs
Fighter jet Xian JH-7 crashes during an exhibition held in China
Israel eyes S. Korean T-50 jet trainer
US Fighter Jets Deployed in Korea
Join Campaign against Sale of South Korean Jets to Israel
Malaysia's jet fighters under US control?
China Closes In On Japan
North Korean Air Force Left To Rot
Lockheed Martin eager to win Korea's FX-race
South Koreans Hope to Field KF-X Stealth Fighter by 2020
Eurojet offers South Korea EJ200 to power future fighter
Northrop radar on South Korean aircraft
President Aquino orders release of P10 billion for AFP modernization program
Samsung Cockpits Take Flight

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