Far East Military Aviation Monitor: May 2011

April 2011

Training aircraft makes emergency landing in Pingtung
US senators push Obama to sell F-16C/Ds to Taiwan
Should the US sell fighter jets to Taiwan?
Asean air forces meeting for Cha-am
Philippines to receive eight Sokols, looks to upgrade MD 520s
Korea Aerospace Signs Deal to Sell Trainer Jets to Indonesia
US air force to deploy 12 F-15E fighters to S. Korea
ASEAN's air force officers exchange held in Hanoi
RMAF to have training base
RSAF personnel to get credit exemptions at UniSIM
Chinese J-15 aircraft carrier-based aircraft
PLAAF J-10B AESA radar
Indonesia orders 16 T-50 trainers
Marines JASDF implement enhanced simulated air-to-air combat training
Air Force urged to keep aboriginal totem on F-16s
Korean Jet Trainer 'Has the Edge' in Israel
US Drones vs China
Taiwan holds annual "Wan-an" air raid drill
'Drones' set to play an important role fighting terrorism
VVIP S-92s delivered to Thailand: Sikorsky
Sikorsky Aircraft Delivers Three VVIP S-92® Helicopters to Royal Thai Air Force
Indonesia-Korea Signed Barter Deal for T-50 Jet Trainer
S. Korea, US launch air defense exercise
Israel focuses on Korean, Italian jets
South Korea To Invite Bidders To Buy Precision Missiles For F-15K Fighters
Korea moves closer to selling T-50 jets to Israel
4 combat helicopters boost Air Force fleet
Why is the Air Force still using 'flying coffins'?
Chinese jets buzz PAF planes
Chinese jets buzz PAF patrol planes
PLAAF attacks Philippines Air Force
RI seeks to exchange planes with South Korea
Hard up for arms sales, Taiwan turns to its own defenses
China post air force tracking
China Claims Air Supremacy With Its New J-20 Stealth Fighter
Peru to import Korean trainer planes
Malaysian Hornets set for $72m upgrade
Patriotism soars high at air show
International Repercussions of Foiled Fighter Jet Deal
Chinese Stealth Fighter Could Rival US's Best: Report
Russia's ROKAF Connection
PAF needs more time to probe S-211 crash
'Boeing's faulty assembly caused emergency landing of Lee's jet'
SAF to hold military exercises
Australian Super Hornets Soar Through Malaysian Skies
China's J-15 Flying Shark Shown Taking Off
We want a carrier: GT poll
PT Dirgantara Exports CN-235 Again
Mystery J-20 jet 'flies' again?
China Uses its Bloggers Again to Announce Stealth Progress
Nut graph on combat jet contenders
Two dead in Indonesia plane crash
Air Force to get 16 Brazilian fighter planes

KAI closes in on T-50 export deal with Indonesia
Air Force grounds trainer jets
Air Force eyes phase out of S-211 trainer jets
Air Force jump master killed in botched skydive
Air Force lost 2 PMA topnotchers in crash
Military plane crashes in N. Philippines, pilot killed
One dead in PAF fighter plane crash
Boeing seeks order for 60 F-15s from the Air Force
China lifts the veil of secrecy on new jet
The J-7 and older PLAAF aircraft

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