Far East Military Aviation Monitor: March 2010

Japan to replenish military jets
Air Force mission: Make it rain
FIDAE 2010: Samsung Thales pushing helicopter EO/IR pod
ROC Air Force donates F-5 jet fighter to museum in California
Air Force Commander inspects SLAF Stations
Taiwan Air Force blasted for not reacting to Russian warplane
Japan's Fighter Contest Heats Up
Taiwan Compensated For Flaws In Mirage Jets
Air Forces rebuts report on negligence in air defense
Taiwan Says China Now Has Edge In Air Power
RMAF pilot crashes and dies during solo performance
Malaysian air force pilot dies in crash
RSAF centralises training
Singapore's arms tests in Gaza
PLAAF J-10 crash pictures surface
Latest News and Information on Kawasaki C 2
Chinese Jet Fighter Parts Made by Unqualified Workers
US support for sale of F-16s growing
China Warns U.S. Against Selling F-16s to Taiwan
China air force covers North Taiwan with Russian-built missiles
In the air, China versus Taiwan
Two S.Korea Air Force Fighter Jets Crash during Drill
Taiwan's A-1W helicopter crash is a part failure
F-16 Sale to Taiwan, Would It Make A Difference?
Singapore's S-70 Helicopter: A potent combination to defend the seas
Singapore Begins Operating New S-70
S. Korea Releases RFP For UCAV Demonstrator
Despite China, US reveals Taiwan air force needs help
Surion takes to the air
Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI)/Eurocopter Surion First Flight
Taiwan Says China Now Has Edge In Air Power
Multi-aircraft mission provides key training in Thailand
Two South Korea Air Force jet fighters missing
RoKAF F-5E and F-5F crashed
2 ROKAF F-5s crash, all pilots killed
Sri Lanka Air Force celebrates 59th anniversary
The PLA raises its voice
F-35 price tag may force fighter review
China says it's up to the US to improve relations
Only F-16 jets strong enough to protect Taiwan from China air force
China selling MA60s to Myanmar and Sri Lanka
Taiwan air force helicopter airlifts Filipino crew member to hospital

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