Far East Military Aviation Monitor: February 2010

China warns US over future Taiwan arms sales
Honeywell Forms Joint Ventures for China's C919 Plane
Indo-China Air Force Joint Exercise in 2012
ST Engg arm wins RSAF contracts worth $363m
Taiwan still wants F-16 C/D fighter jets, submarines
Bilateral training strengthens American, Japanese ties
IAF plans joint drill with China
Future of Chinese naval helicopter
RSAF extends BAE air grading contract
PLA Air Force pushes forward logistics training reform
Despite China, US says Taiwan air force needs help
Taiwan air force needs help to combat military rival China
Singapore Air Force Picks ST Aero
ST Aero wins two contracts from Singapore air force
US, Thailand, Singapore officials to begin Cope Tiger 2010
JASDF officers visit Pacific Air Commandos
Taiwan Defence And Security Report Q1 2010
Air Power Aus: China's Secret Fleet of Stealth Fighters
UAE eyes South Korean T-50 jets
Taiwan air force to get 3 helicopters from Europe
Korea Needs In-flight Refueling Tankers
Iron Fist deepens US, Japanese bond
4 F-22A stealth fighters fly to US Kadena base in Okinawa
JF-17 and PLAAF
Advances in PLA C4ISR Capabilities
S. Korea gets first early warning plane
Bangladesh wants to buy fighters, helicopters and maritime patrol aircraft
US-China Today: China air force much improved though still lagging
Taiwan air force to get 3 helicopters from Europe
Uruguay Says It Has Found Stolen RMAF Jet Engines
Indonesian Air Force to purchase 16 Super Tucano fighters
Israel's IAI seeks to make planes in Asia
Singapore Airshow News
China's Taiwan Stance May Damage US Defense Firms
Pakistan Eyes Acquisition of Chinese Training Aircraft
RSAF displays G550 AEW platform for first time
Aermacchi expects Singapore AJT decision by end-April
F-50 and M-346 face off in Singapore trainer bid
Taiwan helicopter deal tests Sino-EU ties
War of Words Over Arms Sales to Taiwan
Thai Air Force Begins Gripen Training
China's air force builds world's highest airports
USA okays Black Hawks for Taiwan, Beijing mulls sanctions

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