Far East Military Aviation Monitor: January 2010

NA Body appreciates performance of PAC
Taiwan Air Force T-34 with 2 pilots goes missing
Both missing Taiwan air force pilots found dead
Indonesia to Upgrade Air Force by Defence IQ
US, Japan Airmen join sister services in year's first bilateral exercise
13th Air Force sharpens skills during Keen Edge
Kawasaki XC-2(C-X) First Flight
SINGAPORE 2010: Helicopter market in Asia Pacific set to take off
Japanese military transport nets first flight
Indonesia to buy 16 Super Tucano fighters
Taiwan military plane lands in Santo Domingo with supplies for Haiti
China warns US over arms sales to Taiwan
Taiwan Air Force T-34 with 2 pilots goes missing
Indonesia to buy 16 Super Tucanos
SINGAPORE 2010: Asian fighter requirements continue to grow
Singapore Airshow 2010: A preview
Defence contractor confirms bid to train Singapore pilots
AIT confirms Taiwan military plane refueling in US
'Chinese Air Force will never pose a military threat to any country'
Boeing delivers fourth and final Japanese tanker
Japan Sends Self-Defense Forces to Assist Haiti
Fighter pilots tipped for NZ training
Review of Chinese aviation industry in 2009
US mulling Japanese participation in F-35 fighter
WARPLANES: China Wins A Big One
US, Japanese air forces train together
Boeing hands over last KC-767 tanker to Japan
More Aerial Displays at Singapore Airshow 2010
China Close To Test 5th Gen Fighter
Japan, US mulling Tokyo's participation in F-35 development
Asia Military world: Malaysia Air Force (RMAF) will get new fighter aircraft
Fighter Industry In Japan Risks Shrinkage
PICTURE: Japan receives last Boeing KC-767 tanker
Substitution of Indonesia Air Force Jets Postponed
Singapore pilots adapt to life in Idaho
China vents anger with missile test
Hawks Return From Japan
Taiwan's Aircraft Manufacturer Hits 10-year Revenue High
Two men charged over theft of RMAF jet engines
Two Malaysian Indians charged with aircraft engine theft
J-10 fighter enters international market at $40 million
Chinese Air Force Needs New Aircrafts
Boeing Delivers 4th KC-767 Tanker to Japan
RoKAF F-5 squadron clocks 120000 hrs without accident
China buys Russian engines for JF-17 and J-10

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